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I just got something in the mail today that Wednesday January 21 and Thursday January 22 they are auctioning pretty much EVERYTHING from the Indian plant. I mean everything from the fab machines to lifts to trucks and trailers to clothing and accessories. The interesting thing to many people may be that they are auctioning 86 motorcycles off as well. some are "assorted collectors bikes" and appear to be old Indians. In addition to them are limited 2003 bikes, some 2004 editions and prototypes of 2005 bikes. in the flyer i have they mention prototypes of 2005 Chief Arrow and Chief Silver Arrow bikes (and there is a small picture).

The auction is offsite at Gilroy's Strand Theater, and is being run by CMA Auctions and it mentions online bidding at There should be more info on those sites.

Ah, sad to see the venerable brand dragged through the mud again... maybe it's time to let sleeping dogs lie, and the value of the Indian "brand" is, truly, nothing now... sad, really.

Moreso that America can't compete globally in motorcycle manufacturing, that is. Lifestyle and fun, for sure, but out-and-out manufacturing of modern, low-cost, hi-tech bikes, well, we guess that's debatable, the V-Rod is cool, but not very cost-effective... What say you, MOFOs? Staff Staff presents an unrivaled combination of bike reviews and news written by industry experts

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