MV Agusta continues to tease its upcoming collaboration with coachbuilder Zagato, revealing the F4Z on social media platforms. We’ve only been able to see a few glimpses of the F4Z on its two teaser videos (video one and video two) but in poor lighting conditions. MV Agusta released the first clear look at the F4Z (albeit in a rendering rather than an actual photo) this morning on Twitter and Facebook:

A second image, showing one of the first looks of the left side of the F4Z was later posted on Instagram:

MV Agusta still hasn’t released any official details about the F4Z, saving that information for Sept. 4. From its name, we know the bike is based on the F4 but with significantly different styling courtesy of Zagato. We assume the F4Z is a one-off creation but what is unclear is if it offers hints at an updated F4. Among the most notable changes for the F4Z is the underslung exhaust replacing the F4’s signature undertail organ pipe exhaust. Recent industry trends have the exhausts mounted low, and MV has already followed this pattern with the rest of its lineup.

We’ll have more information when it’s released on Sept. 4 (unless MV Agusta decides to release yet another teaser in the next week).

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