’s European correspondent, Tor Sagen, has just completed riding the 2015 MV Agusta Stradale 800 in Southern Spain, where he provides these first impressions. As mentioned in our preview of the Stradale 800 from EICMA 2014, this is MV Agusta’s attempt at tapping into the lightweight touring market. Whereas the Turismo Veloce has a more substantial half fairing and windscreen, the Stradale takes a more minimal approach, essentially slapping bags and an adjustable windscreen onto a Rivale.

To recap the Stradale’s vital stats, it’s powered by the same 798cc Inline-Triple as the Rivale, with counter-rotating crankshaft to minimize inertia during side-to-side transitions. The Electronic MVICS suite is back, which includes four different power modes, ABS with rear-wheel lift mitigation and quickshifter for full-throttle clutchless upshifts. Crucially, the Stradale gets a 4.2-gallon fuel tank, 1 gallon larger than the Rivale for more touring range. Stay tuned, as Tor will return soon with a more substantial Stradale First Ride review. -TS

The 2015 MV Agusta Stradale 800 is the first MV Agusta I’ve ridden with saddlebags. The Stradale is not exactly a touring bike, but it’s as close as MV’s ever been. The Tourismo Veloce, MV’s other new touring rig, will arrive early in 2015, but it’s unlikely the Stradale 800, with its Rivale-inspired tilt to touring, will steal any of its thunder.

At first glance, the Stradale looks like the Rivale, and it’s mainly because most of the design features are borrowed from the Rivale. In the engine bay, we find an 800cc Triple with 115 horsepower and a torque curve optimized for everyday riding. The swingarm is longer and the suspension softer (than the Rivale), which makes the Stradale the very best everyday MV Agusta to date, in my opinion.


This isn’t something MV Agusta exactly strives after, but the Stradale is here and more practical than any other MV ever. The seat is much more comfortable than the Dragster, F3, F4, Rivale, you name it. It’s the first commuter-friendly MV Agusta, and I really felt at ease both in comfort and ride quality on our tour in southern Spain.

I’ll get down to detail in my full review, but what I can say straight away is that I really was surprised at how comfortable the Stradale 800 is compared to the more sporty offerings from the esteemed Italian manufacturer. This is finally an MV Agusta that caters to the everyday rider, and as such, there is nothing else for me to say than that I recommend it wholeheartedly. The Stradale 800 is the MV nobody expected, but it’s very welcome.

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