Intermot 2014: Moto Guzzi V7 II

Troy Siahaan
by Troy Siahaan

Today at Intermot, Moto Guzzi unveiled a revised V7 lineup with a host of new features. Despite its vintage heritage, the V7 II lineup will receive ABS and “Moto Guzzi Controllo Trazione,” better known as traction control. While the addition of ABS is no surprise considering all motorcycles sold in Europe are required to have the feature starting in 2015, traction control was slightly unsuspected. It makes sense, however, since much of the ABS hardware can perform double duty.

Other changes include the addition of a sixth gear, meaning the engine won’t be taxed as heavily during cruising speeds. Clutch improvements mean lever effort is reduced. Speaking of the longitudinally-mounted 90-degree V-Twin, it’s now tilted 4-degrees forward and lowered 10mm compared to last year. By doing so, 30mm (1.18 in.) of leg room is now freed to better accommodate taller riders. Footpegs located 25mm lower than before also provide the taller rider with a more accommodating knee bend.

A reshaped seat is now a half-inch shorter, at 31.1 inches, which M-G says gives the rider the feeling as if they are sitting in the bike rather than on top of it. The V7 II will again come in Stone, Special and Racer variants. The V7 II Stone will come in four new colors: black, red, grey and yellow. All are satin finishes inspired by ‘70s color schemes. The V7 II Special now has three glossy color bases: classic black with orange stripes to faithfully revisit the colors of its famous ancestor, the famous 1975 V750 S3, and two brand new schemes: metallic red and light blue with a silver stripe. Lastly, the V7 II Racer keeps its distinct look, with its “total black look” and chrome fuel tank.

See the massive gallery below for photos of all three V7 II models.

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