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Derbi: Big Fun in Small Packages

If you were to guess from the kinds of motorcycles on our roads today, you might think the future will reveal more powerful and larger displacement sportbikes, dirtbikes and cruisers every year...

2004 Benelli TNT

Oh yes, it's amazing how the interpretation for the term "Naked" can be so different at the two poles of the motorcycle production world.

2004 Big Dog Ridgeback

Motorcycles are motorcycles and if you can love the Concours, while ridiculing it at the same time, you probably understand where those of us in the chopper world are coming from. So again, yes, this is a motorcycle and it is a beast!

Ghezzi & Brian Furia

This thing defies logic. The engineering lobe in my brain, the one that has been conditioned by years of analyzing all sorts of bizarre creations, claims after a while that this thing just can't be built.

First Impression: EMB Lectra Electric Motorcycle

for those who prefer to save the planet riding solo, there's a new environmentally friendly scooter/cycle -- the Lectra electric motorcycle from Electric Motorbike (EMB).

ATK 1997

Having spent considerable time this past season aboard a 260 two-stroke (which we literally boxed up for shipment the day before our departure to Utah), we were well primed to see where the company was headed

Bike Review: ATK 260LQ

The introduction of ATK's liquid cooled models in 1995 generated considerable interest for the US's only dirt bike manufacturer

Beta Techno Trials Test

Both boots filled with water as I struggled to keep the brand-new Beta from going under. I hadn't expected to have to worry about drowning bikes in Southern California!

Miscellaneous Comparisons

Excelsior-Henderson Vs. RoyalStar

An excellent comparison of an Excelsior-Henderson SuperX Vs. a Yamaha Royal Star written by MOridian John Simpson.

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