With the Sturgis rally less than a month away, anticipation for the unveiling of the new Indian Chief is approaching the boiling point. But first, Indian Motorcycle is whetting fans’ appetites with another glimpse of its Spirit of Munro tribute motorcycle. But this is far more than a mere hint.

Back in Daytona, Indian pulled the wraps off the streamliner it calls the Spirit of Munro. Built as an homage to the legendary Burt Munro (The World’s Fastest Indian), the Spirit is far more than just a scale model of the bike immortalized in the film; it’s a working, running motorcycle that really cooks. That wasn’t necessarily the plan from the get-go. But, powered by the Indian’s new Thunder Stroke 111 engine that will power the next-generation Chief — to be revealed on August 3 — Indian rolled the bike out to a dry lake bed and turned the Spirit of Munro loose. The result was astonishing and exhilarating.

Now Indian has released a short documentary film about the Spirit of Munro that shows the bike in action, as well as effectively capturing the enthusiasm, work ethic and commitment by those connected to the new Indian brand.

Also, a behind the scenes mini-documentary lets you meet some of the creative people behind this project, including Jeb Scolman of Jeb’s Metal and Speed in Long Beach, California, who built the tribute bike from the ground up, and Todd Eagan, who accepted the challenge of riding the untested bike on the dry lake.


Psyched for the new Chief? Then you’ll be positively juiced after you check out the short video and documentary below.

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