2015 EICMA: Horex VR6 Black

John Burns
by John Burns
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Last we heard a couple years ago, Horex was bankrupt, but guess what, now it’s Under New Ownership and here it is at EICMA! The limited-edition Black version it brought to EICMA was in fact first seen at the Frankfurt show, and is powered by a 1218cc TOHC (Triple Overhead Cam) Six-cylinder that’s said to produce 168 hp (125 kW) and 102 lb-ft torque (138 Nm).

2015 eicma horex vr6 black

Horex is a storied old German brand that’s been around almost as long as BMW, through fits and starts, and was most recently acquired by the 3C-Carbon Group, in Landsberg am Lech.

The really unique thing about the Horex is the engine’s very narrow V angle (though Volkswagen also puts a VR6 in its cars), which allows it to not take up much more space than a Four. There’s an interesting video of how that engine works here, though without an explanation of why it needs three camshafts? The new Black model single-seater displayed at EICMA was slathered in carbon fiber bits to add to the no-expenses spared theme, along with Öhlins suspension, the finest componentry and a very high level of fit and finish, all in a sub-500 pound package.

Horex says it plans to build 33 Blacks, and 33 Silver two-seater versions as well. If you have to ask, you can’t afford one, but somewhere in the high $20s range.

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