Honda Nighthawk 250

.25 Caliber Misfire

These are springs. A thousand years from now, archaeologists will unearth this bike, ride it and wonder what these springs were supposed to do.
The Nighthawk 250, doing what it does best.
 Well, it doesn't cut too bad of a profile anyway...
 The weakest power of the gathering, with an indicated top speed of 75 mph, that we observed. Sputtery idle with a big roll-on lag.
Unimpressive instrument cluster. Look closely and you can make out a robot face.
 A front drum brake? Come on, guys. At least try to make it interesting...

Manufacturer:           Honda
Model:                  1997 Honda CB250 Nighthawk
Price:                  $3,399.00
Engine:                 sohc, 2-valve, vertical twin
Bore and Stroke:        53mm x 53mm
Displacement:           234cc
Carburetion:            26mm Keihin
Transmission:           5 speed 
Wheelbase:              55.3 in
Seat Height:            29.3 in
Fuel Capacity:          4.3 gal
Claimed Dry Weight:     286 lbs

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