Honda’s Rebel has never been aimed at highly experienced riders, and the same holds true for the latest generation of Rebels arriving at dealerships this month. The new Rebel 300 is motivated by the 286cc single-cylinder from the CB300F and CBR300R, and a review of that manageable $4,399 cruiser will soon be seen on these digital pages. The new Rebel 500 is pretty much identical to the 300 except for the 471cc parallel-Twin engine (from Honda’s CB500 series) residing in the bike’s trellis frame. It retails for $5,999. Adding ABS to each is an extra $300.

The Rebels are intended for younger and less experienced riders than the seasoned vets on MO’s staff, so rather than sending a literal graybeard like our esteemed John Burns, we instead decided to send his grown-up boy, Ryan, to get his 23-year-old perspective. Little Burns has actually graced our pages a few times previous; story links below.

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Anyway, Ryan’s words on the new Rebel were published a few days ago thanks to a younger man’s tendency to finish things off quickly, and you should check out his Rebel 500 review here, but we had to wait for our slightly older (and far busier) video producer, James Martinec, to finish editing the Rebel 500 video review you can see below. The MO team is grateful for the really nice job Ryan has done for us on this project, and we hope you also appreciate his youthful take on this particular motorcycle. And now, Ryan Burns in moving pictures and sound…

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