Energica Announces New Model And A Bigger Battery For 2020

Troy Siahaan
by Troy Siahaan

All Energicas now have the option to carry the largest battery on a production e-bike so far.

Big news for 2020 from the Energica camp, as the Italian electric motorcycle manufacturer has announced not only a new model – the Eva Ribelle – but also longer range, thanks to the largest battery pack offered on a production electric motorcycle so far. On top of this news, Energica is also reporting revenue growth of 57% over this same time period last year. Energica CEO, Livia Cevolini, credits this to the significant investments the company has made, including participation in the all-electric MotoE racing series, in which Energica is the sole motorcycle supplier with its Ego Corsa model.

Battery Boost

This experience in the MotoE series has resulted in a series of technological improvements, not least of which is the new 21.5 kWh Lithium-polymer battery which will be available on all 2020 Energica models – making it the largest battery capacity ever offered on a production electric motorcycle to date, says company CTO Giampiero Testoni. This is in addition to the 13.4 kWh battery pack currently available in the Ego and Eva EsseEsse9.

The new power is joined for 2020 by increased torque: 200 Nm (147 lb-ft) for the Eva EsseEsse9+, and 215 Nm (159 lb-ft) for the Ego+ and Eva Ribelle. More battery also means more range – 60% more, says Energica – while finding a way to make the 2020 models 5% lighter. In fact, Energica says, under its “real world testing,” the new model range achieved 250 city miles, 143 mixed miles, and 112 highway miles. We’ll reserve judgment until we’re able to verify those numbers ourselves, but on the surface those numbers are promising.

Eva Ribelle

For the 2020 model year, the Eva streetfighter is gone (sorta), and is replaced by the Eva Ribelle, or rebellious in Italian. What’s really rebellious, if you ask me, is the new model distinction despite the extremely mild aesthetic changes to a few of the body panels compared to the outgoing, non-rebellious, Eva. However, I will concede the previously mentioned 21.5 kWh power unit is a big plus. Nonetheless, paired with its oil-cooled motor, Energica claims
107kW of power (around 143 hp) and 215 Nm (159 lb-ft) of torque. Just like every Energica, the Eva Ribelle can be recharged using fast-charging stations (400 km in one hour or 6.7 km per minute) or through slow charge (65 km per hour). Eva Rebelle will be displayed in two colors: Stealth Grey and Rosso Corsa.

Other News

  • Other notable tidbits from Energica for 2020:
    An exclusive Kit Corsa Clienti – aka track package – will be available for the Ego sportbike, inspired by the go-fast parts from the Ego Corsa MotoE racing machine. The specific components offered were not disclosed.
  • Energica has partnered with Octo Telematics to develop a Bluetooth-enabled app, giving users the ability to see a wealth of data like charge status, vehicle tampering, and the ability to share ride routes and data remotely.
  • Energica is furthering its partnership with Dell’Orto S.p.A to develop and produce a new type of Power Unit for small-size (power range 8/11 kW) and medium-size (power range up to 30 kW) electric motorcycles (EV). Utilizing Dell’Orto’s production and commercial reach in Europe, China, and India, the goal would be as a supplier of the unit to current manufacturers looking to enter the EV space in these markets.

See the full Energica press release below:

For the 9th consecutive year Energica Motor Company S.p.A. will be present at EICMA at Hall 15 Stand Q48.

“During the last year, Energica has seen an important ramp-up, thanks to the close involvement in the MotoE project.” Said Livia Cevolini, CEO Energica Motor Company.

“Thanks to the excellent work done and the significant investment undertaken – which were crucial for our development – the results of the first semester of 2019 confirm Energica Motor Company among the leaders in the EV market, with a revenue growth of more than 57% compared to the same period of time in 2018.”

“The technological advancement had an important boost with MotoETM, a platform which will continue to provide us with a unique element of competitive advantage for the next two years” Cevolini continued.

“Energica is the only company in the world to have an exclusive testing ground to try new technical solutions – with some of the best riders in the world. This support proved to be unlike anything else for our R&D, both for the racing and the production sides.”

“Here at EICMA we are unveiling the first innovation step achieved in racing that was transferred into our road models – which is a clear and tangible advantage on the market as well as for all of our clients.”

This year, the new additions by Energica will be many, starting from the introduction of a new power unit that doubles up the MY2020 range with the Ego+, the Eva EsseEsse9+ and the brand-new Eva Ribelle.

Ten bikes will be on display at the Energica stand, including the Ego Corsa, the racing bike that has been the protagonist of the FIM Enel MotoE World Cup – the all-electric series heading into its first season finale on November 17 at Valencia.

Energica. EVen More.

Added performance and range from racing experience

Energica’s 2020 range goes from strength to strength thanks to the racing experience gathered in MotoE – as a new Lithium-polymer battery of 21.5 kWh will be unveiled at the Milan show.

This new battery will be present on all the 2020 models, which will be alongside the already- existing versions of the Ego and Eva EsseEsse9 powered by 13.4 kWh battery packs.

“This is the battery pack with the biggest capacity and power ever installed on a production electric motorcycle,” says Energica’s CTO Giampiero Testoni”.

“We are proud to present the technological advancement and innovation on all of our 2020 models, which we achieved in the last two years thanks to our commitment to MotoE – and that we were able to transfer from the track to our road models.”

Thanks to the new power unit, the electric motorcycles made in Modena get a improved torque: 200 Nm for the Eva EsseEsse9+, 215 N for the Ego+ and Eva Ribelle.

It is not all about performance, however, as weight and riding range are also positively affected: the MY2020 models are 5% lighter and have a 60% higher riding range.


Ego+, Eva Ribelle, Eva EsseEsse9+ City: 400 km
Mixed: 230 km
Motorway: 180 km

*Testing was performed in real conditions

“Thanks to the new power unit we were able to work on weights and riding range, without forgetting about performance – something that has always distinguished our bikes,” Testoni continued.

“The 2020 products present at Eicma are the direct result of continuing innovation throughout the years, with more than 250,000km of testing on the road and thousands on the track.”

Eva Ribelle

The electric streetfighter is presented at EICMA with new looks and specs: a bigger power unit and design that bring out the Rebellious (Ribelle) soul of this new Energica model.

Energica Eva Ribelle is powered by a new 21.5 kWh battery pack and an oil-cooled synchronous motor with permanent magnets, capable to deliver 107kW of power (around 145 cv) with a 215 Nm torque.

The electric streetfighter has a riding range up to 400km and a maximum speed of 200km/h. Just like every Energica bike, Eva Ribelle can be recharged using fast-charging stations (400km in one hour or 6.7km per minute) or through slow charge (65km per hour). Eva Rebelle will be present at Eicma in two colours: Stealth Grey and Rosso Corsa (Racing Red).

Ego – Eva EsseEsse9 MY2020:

new colour scheme and power unit

The sporting model Ego and the classic one Eva EsseEsse9 will be at EICMA with a fresh look and power. From next year, the Energica flagship motorcycle and the third model of the Modena-based company will be available with the new 21.5 kWh power unit, which provides 215 Nm and 200 Nm of torque, respectively, while guaranteeing a riding range up to 400km.

The Ego will feature two new colours schemes at EICMA, Rosso Corsa and Asteroid Grey, as they will on display side by side with the Ego Sport Black – a version inspired by the livery of the Ego Corsa – the official bike of the FIM Enel MotoE World Cup.
Available under reservation is the Kit Corsa Clienti, which was developed exclusively for track use.

The classic Eva EsseEsse9 shows up at EICMA with a brand-new colour scheme, the Modena Yellow, and it will be available for purchase – along with the Shocking Blue and the Metal Black versions – from 2020.

The Ego ed Eva EsseEsse9 models will be available in two versions: Ego ed Eva EsseEsse9 with the 13.4 kWh battery and Ego+ and Eva EsseEsse9+ with a 21.5 kWh power unit.
All the MY2020 Energica models will be on sale with fast charging technology, 4.3’’ TFT colour display dashboard, 4 riding modes and 4 Regenerative Maps (Low, Medium, High, Off), Traction Control, Cruise Control, long-range connectivity Energica Connected Ride and Park Assistant as standard features.

The USB port will be standard on Eva Ribelle and Eva EsseEsse9 (optional on the Energica Ego). The Keyless System will also be available as optional equipment.


The new long-range connectivity in partnership with Octo Telematics Energica will unveile at Eicma the new ad Eicma long range connectivity developed with Omoove, is a company fully owned by Octo Telematics group, the leading global provider of telematics solutions and data analysis for the automotive insurance sector.

Thanks to this partnership, all Energica electric motorcycles will be equipped, as standard, with remote connectivity. This new technology vastly extends the full expanse of information already available on Energica motorcycles, thanks to the existing short range local connectivity that relies on Bluetooth technology.

The on-board telematic device (ProShare XT) Omoove, natively installed on Energica motorcycles, will allow real-time monitoring of the performance of the motorcycle through an app. This allows transmission of extensive information on the status of the bike, and intelligent alerts notifying the rider or owner if there is an interruption of the recharge or unexpected movement of the bike. It also allows immediate location and sharing of riding routes and data.

Sales Network and Pricing

In 2019 Energica was able to establish a presence in important European and extra-European markets. Currently the distribution network includes not only the major European countries and the main US states, but also overseas countries like South Africa, GCC, Hong Kong and Japan.

2019 Ego Corsa: racing e-motion

Among the other novelties provided by Energica to the 2019 edition of EICMA, a special mention goes to the absolute protagonist of the first-ever edition of the FIM Enel MotoE World Cup, the Energica Ego Corsa. As single manufacturer of the first electric-motorcycle international series, Energica fields 18 all-identical Ego Corsa ridden by well-known, world-class riders and ran by 12, MotoGP-based teams.

While waiting for the season finale at Valencia – taking place on November 14-17 – an Italian rider is currently leading the title race: Matteo Ferrari, riding for Team Trentino Gresini.

Energica Ego Corsa is a race-only motorcycle developed by the Modena-based company from the know-how amassed in years of racing experience and road-models development, and it is capable of a maximum speed of 270km/h while accelerating from 0 to 100km/m in only 2.8 seconds. In the second MotoE round of the season at the Red Bull Ring, the Ego Corsa managed to lap faster than the Moto3 bikes, despite it being its first appearance at the Austrian venue.

Energica – Dell’Orto: E-Power Project

Technologically-advanced and integrated system solution of electric powertrain for EVs of small and medium sizes.

At the Energica stand there will also be space for projects under development and which will mark another milestone in the EV market. A special corner will deepen the collaboration with Dell’Orto S.p.A, a historic manufacturer of electronic fuel injection systems. The 2 companies signed an agreement for the development and production of a new type of Power Unit for small-size (power range 8/11kW) and medium size (power range up to 30 kW) electric motorcycles (EV).

Thanks to this agreement, Energica Motor Company and Dell’Orto will continue their common path of development and expansion in the mentioned segments (EVs of small and medium sizes) – which is expected to grow significantly in the upcoming years. The small-and-medium-size EV market has over one million vehicles per year with a growth, only the first half of 2019 (vs 2018), of 82% (ACEM data).

This project has the ambitious goal of offering technologically-advanced solutions to the major manufacturers operating in the “two-wheeler” market, by combining Energica unique know-how in the electric motorization with Dell’Orto’s design skills in injection systems, as well as their production and commercial reach in Europe, China and India.

Troy Siahaan
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