2020 Ducati Superleggera V4 Review – First Ride

Lots to look at here, but the carbon fiber swingarm is the main thing. The single most expensive component of the Superleggera apart from the engine, the nearly $20,000 MSRP can net you nearly any other literbike equipped with some tasty mods! Carbon wheels are a no-brainer, as their benefits have long been documented. Other things to look at: the full titanium Akrapovič race exhaust, which cuts 13 lbs off the stock system and adds another 10 hp. The footpeg and its bracketry are machined pieces, the sprocket is aluminum, bolts titanium, and even the rear shock spring is titanium, too. Pirelli developed a specific compound of the Supercorsa SP specifically designed to handle the forces this bike makes. For this test, however, Pirelli equipped the bikes with its new 125/70-17 and 200/65-17 rear Diablo Slicks.