2017 BMW G310GS Video Preview

Kevin Duke
by Kevin Duke
Videos by Evans Brasfield and Brett Colpitts

Earlier we reported about the new G310GS shown at EICMA, and now here it is in video format brought to you by the highly caffeinated Evans Brasfield. This new GS is essentially the G310R dressed up in GS garb, with a 19-inch front wheel, a beak nose and angular side fairings.

2017 BMW G310GS Unveiled At EICMA

Take a read of the link above, then check out the video below and try to guess how many espressos Evans had consumed on EICMA’s opening day!

Kevin Duke
Kevin Duke

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  • DickRuble DickRuble on Nov 09, 2016

    I don't know if the message conveyed in the video is really what BMW had in mind or Evans's paraphrasing. I would think BMW would want to build not an entry bike, a cheaper bike. Their goal should be to build the best 300cc bike: lightest, most nimble, most reliable and practical. If the GS1200 is the world explorer, what is the GS310?

  • ArtBell ArtBell on Nov 10, 2016

    I don't know what market they are targeting but with a listed top speed of 143 kph (88.7 mph) it isn't in the sport category. A weight that is more than a DR650 takes it out of the dual sport category.