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Cologne, Germany’s fourth largest city, is hosting the famous Intermot show this week where BMW made some exciting announcements. Peter Muller, executive vice president of development and model lines for BMW Motorrad spoke about the present objectives and future plans for the company, including the S1000RR and the K1300 line, including the S, R and GT. Plus, the new K bikes finally get rid of BMW’s complex three-button turnsignal switchgear!

Muller first spoke about the developments within the company over the past year, including the success of the HP2 Sport. He then delved into details regarding the S1000RR. The completely new motorcycle for 2009 will have a 1000cc inline-four-cylinder engine and weigh less than 452 lbs fuelled up. The new double R will also boast dynamic traction control as well as ABS.

“The S1000RR will be thrilling to ride, both on the road and the racetrack,” says Muller. “Handling, power delivery and power-to-weight will be top level.” Instead of allowing attendees of the show to get a peak at the bike, however, they brought along the race-ready World Superbike version to be ridden next season by Ruben Xaus and Troy Corser.

bmw introduces new models at intermot motorcycle com

BMW has been on an intense mission in the motorcycle sector in an attempt to expand its model line, and in turn, market share. BMW Motorrad President, Hendrik von Kuenheim spoke of their “...Continuing offensive with undiminished momentum.”

Contributing to this drive is the new K1300 line – a sporty, dynamic and versatile bunch, offering a wide spectrum of performance-infused bikes catering to a variety of riders. This reaffirms BMW’s objective by making motorcycles more people will want to ride. After the HP2 Sport and now seeing the S1000RR and K1300s, our only question is – “Why didn’t they do it sooner?”


The successor to the K1200S, the much-updated and upgraded K1300S is officially the most powerful production BMW motorcycle to date. Engine displacement is up to 1,293cc from 1,157cc thanks to an increase in bore and stroke. Combined with a stratospheric 13.0:1 compression ratio, the S is said to pump out 175 hp and 103 ft-lbs of torque at the crankshaft, with those numbers being reached at 9,250 rpm and 8,250 rpm, respectively. Torque has been increased over 7 ft-lbs throughout the 2,000-8,000 rpm range. A revised exhaust system uses a shorter muffler with electronically controlled flap management and a three-way catalytic converter.

bmw introduces new models at intermot motorcycle com

The S also offers HP Gearshift Assistance, which allows upshifting without use of the clutch or interrupting the power delivery. Traction control is an option. All-new bodywork is claimed to route wind around a rider more efficiently. Weighing in at 560 lbs full of fuel, the S tips the scales about 20 lbs less than Suzuki’s tank-full Hayabusa, while offering about 20 less horsepower - just to put things into perspective for you.


BMW is marketing the R as “The most powerful naked bikes of all time.” The same 1,293cc powerplant and running gear found the S is used in the R, although slightly modified for the requirements of this large-displacement standard. Due to these changes, the R maxes out at 173 hp and 103 ft-lbs of torque. The R also shares the same basic suspension DNA with the S, but has been lowered and stretched out from the previous model to ensure that its 536-lb (tank-empty) stature has optimum balance and agility.

bmw introduces new models at intermot motorcycle com

The R also boasts BMW’s new take on turnsignal switches. Instead of a left-side button to indicate a left turn and a similar one on the right, plus a third switch to cancel them, the new Ks all have a single switch that is operated by a rider’s left hand – just like the rest of the world (except Harley)!.The R can also be ordered with the optional HP Gearshift Assistance, the next generation of ESA and ASC (Anti-Slip Control).


Although the GT also shares the same powerplant and running gear as the aforementioned 1300s, it is a different beast indeed. Intended for what BMW is calling ‘Dynamic Touring,’ the 1,293cc inline-four engine is tuned for 160 hp and 99 ft-lbs of torque.

The riding position is much more upright than the sportier S and R and also comes with a larger front fairing and hard side bags for storage. No doubt the GT will allow for long, curve-cutting rides with more power and style than the K1200GT with an increase in torque, particularly in the low to mid-range over its predecessor.

bmw introduces new models at intermot motorcycle com

Its windshield is electrically adjustable over a 4-inch range and can be repositioned on its mounts to suit riders of various heights. Like all K bikes, a lower seat is available from the factory. The GT’s seat can be set at two different heights, and its handlebars are adjustable over a 1.6-inch range. All the usual options – traction control, ESA, tire-pressure monitoring, heated grips, etc. – can also be found on the GT.

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