2020 BMW S1000 XR Review

Our camshafts are now powered directly from the crankshaft – the intermediate gear for halving engine speed is now located directly inside the cylinder head. Oil and water pumps are combined to form a compact module. Conduits/hoses for the water and oil cooling circuits were kept to a minimum, while achieving a high level of impact resilience. To reduce the overall width by more than 12mm compared to the predecessor engine, there is now only one gearwheel on the crankshaft; the starter’s primary reduction gear meshes directly with the clutch or primary gearwheel… In order to reduce the overall height of the engine, the length of the heat-treated steel rods was reduced by 4mm, to 99mm – and weight is 10 % less than before. Tote that up, Jethro, and the new engine weighs 11 lbs less than the last one.