1997 BMW F650ST

Sold right alongside BMW's new dual-purpose single will be its fraternal twin, the F650 Street. As the name implies, this is a more street-oriented version of the F650. Both bikes share spoke wheels, but the ST uses an 18-inch front rim, one inch smaller than the F650. The result is quicker steering and a lower seat height for the ST. Tires are chosen purely for road work, with a set of Metzeler street tires replacing the F650's enduro rubber. Other differences include a lower windscreen on the ST, designed to function more effectively at higher speeds (although the F650's taller screen will bolt right on the ST). The ST's handlebars are narrower, allowing a more tucked-in position for freeway riding while the F650's wider bars allow more leverage off-road. Front fender design differs between the two bikes as well. A higher unit is fitted to the F650 to provide more clearance for dirt and mud, and side extensions cover the lower fork legs to protect them from stones chips. Also offering more protection is the F650's front engine plate which tucks in tighter to protect the engine, while the ST's functions more as an aerodynamic spoiler.

All of the options available for the F650 can be fitted to the F650ST.

Manufacturer:  BMW
Model: F650ST
Price:  $7,490
Engine: Liquid-cooled, DOHC, four-valve single
Bore x stroke: 100 by 83mm
Displacement: 652cc
Carburetion: (2) Mikuni constant-vacuum
Transmission:  5-speed
Wheelbase: 58.3 inches
Seat height: 28.9 to 30.9 inches
Fuel capacity: 4.6 gallons
Claimed wet weight: 421 lbs.

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