Big Dog Motorcycles

Big Dog Motorcycles is an American manufacturer based out of Wichita, Kansas. Established in 1994, Big Dog has become the world's largest manufacturer of custom motorcycles. Every Big Dog bike features a V-Twin 117 cubic inch engine, 6-speed transmission, one-piece steel tank and right side drive, but what sets Big Dog apart is customization. Numerous paint and graphic options are available, as are custom seats, exhausts, grips, windshields and more.

Church of MO: 2008 Big Dog Choppers

For some, it is all a big joketh. Whilst the temptation is to scoff, hurl stones and jeer at the failure of the  pre-Recession chopper industry, a quick consultation in the book of Google reveals that Big Dog is still in business back in Wichita, good for them! Ten years ago, they’d just moved into a big factory showroom in Costa Mesa, California, where the Apostle Fonzie sampled all their wares, beginning with the bargain-basement $24,000 Coyote. It all goeth around and cometh back around in a big circle, now is the time to stock up on custom motorcycles at steep discount.

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2009 Big Dog Coyote Review -

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In Bill Zehmes biography on Frank Sinatra, The Way You Wear Your Hat: Frank Sinatra and the Lost Art of Livin', the way you wear your hat speaks volumes to your character. In a bikers mind, its in the way you walk, roll or glide to your destination that sets you apart especially in the City of Angels. Wheels are king in Southern California and Big Dog Motorcycles has the pimpest catalog of production choppers on the block. For 2009, the Kansas-bred crew has even got a budget chopper in the catalog named the Coyote. And it howls.

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