EICMA 2017: Aprilia Racing Factory Works Kit

Evans Brasfield
by Evans Brasfield
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So, you’ve got a 2017 (or are planning on buying a 2018) Aprilia RSV4 in an RR or RF configuration and you know what it really needs is more performance. Well, Aprilia’s got just the thing for you in the form of the Aprilia Racing Factory Works Kit. The special parts are developed by Aprilia Racing in conjunction with superstock and superbike championships around the world to assure their compliance to series rules. Racers (or riders with deep pockets and a disregard for street legality) who want to take their RSV4s to the next level should take a gander at these parts which are directed towards “maximizing engine performance, reducing overall weight, and improving aerodynamics.”

eicma 2017 aprilia racing factory works kit, Ooooooh winglets
Ooooooh, winglets!

The engine piston kit delivers an extra 4 hp in the form of four single-groove pistons with a surface treatment to reduce friction. The cylinder head kit swaps the original heads with a head that has its intake and exhaust tracts CNC-machined for improved fluid dynamics. Additionally, the valves and all their associated hardware are optimized for improved performance. The cams are graced with a friction-reducing surface treatment. Combine all of these with the kit ECU mapped for the Akrapovic exhaust (mentioned below) can net an impressive 215 hp at the crank.

Want to top that? How does this sound: “The pinnacle of this project is represented by the FW-GP version, fitted with the V4 with bore increased to 81 mm and equipped with pneumatic valve timing, a configuration similar to the one Aprilia raced with officially in the 2015 MotoGP world championship which takes maximum power to 250 HP.” Time for that second mortgage on the house, no?

With the engine pumped up, you’ll want to turn to Aprilia Racing for lighter hardware. Go for the whole enchilada of lightened parts (in the form of a lithium battery, a 3.3 lb. lighter fuel tank, a billet top triple clamp, a full Akrapovic exhaust, and a raft of carbon-fiber bits), and you’ll knock 22 lb. off your RSV4. But for the ultimate in performance, you’ve gotta go for the side fairings with winglets. Not only are the winglets responsible for improved stability at astronomical speeds, these were developed on the RS-GP prototype used in the MotoGP World Championship and are virtually certain to get you laid.

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