2016 Yamaha XSR900 First Ride Review

Like the FJ-09 – the sport-touring edition of the FZ-09 – the XSR comes equipped with ABS and traction control. And, like the FJ, ABS is non-switchable while TC can be adjusted between 1, 2, and Off when the bike is not in motion. Unlike both the FZ or FJ, the XSR comes equipped with the latest trend in clutch technology, an assist-and-slipper clutch. Besides reduced clutch pull, the technology provides smoother downshifts while reducing the effects of reverse-engine torque through the drivetrain (see Yamaha explanation video here).

The interesting thing is, Yamaha chose the Sport Heritage version of the three (FZ, FJ, XSR) as the model to carry all these modern rider aids. Whether these modern accoutrements will be attractive to the millennial biker tired of riding a cafe-customized XS750 remains to be seen, but XSR should at least be able to pull some millennials into dealerships with its industrial, bare-bones styling.