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We decided to include this incredibly crappy shot just to keep your expectations in line. Don't gripe unless you've donated..
Don't move! Wild Greaseballs approaching the bait, shiny motorcycles. Moments later MO staffers leapt out, netted and tranquilized them. Hey, we've gotta eat somehow ...
It's a pretty motor anyway, big, ultra-torquey and throbbing, shiny and hot to the touch as it quivers powerfully between your legs while you straddle it, riding it, you nasty bi... um. Hm.
Veer left Cap'n! She's on the reef! You don't so much turn the VTX as you change course. It's a big bike that demands a lot of respect -- and room. Staff Staff presents an unrivaled combination of bike reviews and news written by industry experts

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