If My Motorcycle is Badly Damaged After Hitting a Pothole in the Road, Will My Premiums Increase?

Dan Kamionkowsi
by Dan Kamionkowsi

If you file a claim due to damage from hitting a pothole, it would be paid under collision coverage. A situation like this would generally be thought of as a single vehicle accident and would be considered the fault of the rider. As such, most insurance companies would consider raising your premium as a result. However, if the company offers some form of accident forgiveness, your rates may not go up.

For example, Progressive’s Small Accident Forgiveness waives premium surcharges on claims with a payout less than $500, and our Large Accident Forgiveness waives the surcharge on any accident, regardless of payout, if you have 5 years of claim free experience with Progressive. You may want to check with your current carrier to find out what types of accident forgiveness they offer.

Dan Kamionkowsi
Motorcycle Product Manager at Progressive

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