How Can a 19-year-old Keep Motorcycle Insurance Rates as Low as Possible?

Leslie Kay
by Leslie Kay

When purchasing what may well be your first street bike there are a number of considerations. Completing a Motorcycle Safety Course and obtaining a Motorcycle endorsement will gain discounts from many insurers, and give you basic skills that will carry you safely down the highways. The type of cycle you select will have the greatest effect on the price of your insurance. For instance a Sportbike may cost thousands of dollars a year to insure and a reasonable size Cruiser-style bike may only be hundreds. Keeping your cycle in an enclosed locked structure will earn a discount from some insurance companies.

Shop around for insurance rates BEFORE you buy. Each carrier may have a different price based on a variety of factors. Once you have selected an insurance company or agent you are comfortable with have them quote several bikes for you. Know what the insurance will cost before you buy. Too many times we get a frantic call from someone trying to find required insurance coverage on a bike. The purchase is done, and there is no turning back. A few advance calls could have prevented purchasing a machine you cannot afford to insure.

Leslie Kay

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