Do Scooters Need Full Coverage Insurance?

Dan Kamionkowsi
by Dan Kamionkowsi

These days, scooters are available with a wide variety of prices and features. The diversity of different types of scooters makes for a diversity of insurance needs as well, so there’s no one insurance package to uniformly meet the needs of all scooter owners.

Liability insurance will be mandatory in almost all states for scooters, of course, but whether full coverage (liability insurance plus Comprehensive and Collision) makes sense depends on several factors. If the scooter is financed, the lienholder will almost certainly require full coverage. Otherwise, you will want to consider the age and current market value of the scooter in deciding whether or not full coverage is appropriate. Generally, the current market value (minus your deductible) determines the maximum payout you will get on a Comprehensive or Collision claim, (unless you have a replacement cost policy, such as Progressive’s Total Loss Coverage). The lower that value is, the less need there is for full coverage.

If you aren’t sure what the right choice is for your situation, it may be a good idea to consult with a licensed independent agent or your current insurance carrier to help determine what level of coverage makes sense for your scooter.

Dan Kamionkowsi
Motorcycle Product Manager at Progressive

Dan Kamionkowsi
Dan Kamionkowsi

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