Alien Motorcyclists Among Us!

Fred Rau reflects back on some of the most talented riders he's ever been around, wondering if they're from another planet.

Inside Area P: No Limits

At Area P, it's a family affair for the Bryants. Kerry, seated at center with Australian Cattle Dog Zorro, is the progenitor. Sons Kenny (aboard the ZX-14) and Kelly (on the left) get their hands dirty with fabrication and production. At right is Kerry's

The Right Stuff

She was wearing white shorts and watching the San Felipe 250 at the same spot where I'd pulled over to let the trophy trucks go by...

The Legacy

Fred Rau follows his roots on Route 66.

They Call Me Fred 'Btfsplk'

MO Illuminati, featured columnist, product reviewer and man-about-town Fred Rau has some light he can shed on this subject, inspired by the King of Dogpatch, Li'l Abner. Don't know who Li'l Abner is? We don't either. Read Fred and learn all about him.

Big Brother & Your Bike

"Just because you're paranoid doesn't meant they're not out to get you."

Road Rage and You

Road Rage. It gets a lot of attention in the sensation-hungry news media, but is it a serious problem? What is it? Can it be prevented? What causes it? Most importantly, how does it affect motorcyclists and what can we do to protect ourselves?

A Few Minutes with Eddie Lawson

Have you ever been indisputably the best at something? Can being the best be learned, or is it just something you've got?

Don't Blame the Messenger: Dispatch Riding in San Francisco

It might be - or should be - the goal of every moto-junkie to make a living riding his or her motorcycle. Aside from the God-like professional motorcycle racers and factory development riders, there are very few openings for such a job here in the U.S.

Rant: Put a Cork In It

It may seem to be splitting hairs due to the end result being the same, but there's a huge difference between voluntary politeness in advance of forced social conformity: Follow along as I say"If you're loud and proud, you need to put a cork in it!"

Two Survivors

Ex-Marine and current Army reservist Gabe Ets-Hokin was recently called up to duty to help assist in the aftermath of Katrina. Being the observant and compassionate soul that he is, he found a kindred spirit in one of our own.

The Pleasure and Perils of Escorting a Bicycle Race.

Fred Rau was lucky enough to be Sammarye Lewis' - Lance's official photo biographer - driver at the USA Pro Tour's Redlands Classic near Los Angeles. It's an interesting tale, so check it out MOFOs.