Top 10 Weirdest Custom Motorcycles

Custom motorcyles are not particularly uncommon - except when they are. Here we'll look at 10 unique motorcyles that scream "one of a kind."

Road Racing Series - Part 12

We sum up our road racing Ducati build project with a track test of the final parts we've added.

Road Racing Series - Part 11

Reflections, lessons learned and plans for the future of the Motorcycle.com Roadracing Series.

Road Racing Series - Part 10

Months of work. Sleepless nights. It's all behind you as you sit on the line awaiting the green flag in your first road race.

Road Racing Series - Part 9

Your first race weekend is guaranteed to be exhilarating, frustrating, fun and confusing, often all at the same time. Plan carefully to get the most out of your first road racing experience.

Road Racing Series - Part 8

In our final build article we put the finishing touches on our supersport racebike in preparation for its track debut.

Road Racing Series - Part 7

So now you've got the basics. If you've still got some cash to blow on this roadracing thing, here are some more advanced Supersport modifications.

Road Racing Series - Part 6

Where does the beginning racer get the most bang for their buck? Follow along as we take you through the top places to spend your money when building a race bike.

Road Racing Series - Part 5

Now you've got a race license, all you're lacking is the race bike. Let MO take you step-by-step through the process of building your very own Supersport racer.

Road Racing Series - Part 4

The first step in the direction of becoming a motorcycle road racer starts at a high performance track school. If the only lesson you learn at racing school is how to keep your ego in check, the money you spent will be well worth it.

Military Pushing for Rider Safety

Top U.S. military officials are aggressively collaborating to reverse a well-publicized trend in motorcycle safety.

Road Racing Series - Part 3

The requirements to prep your bike for a track school, like the schools themselves, vary. Some schools require almost nothing to be done, while others require your bike to meet the tech requirements of a race organization.

Road Racing Series - Part 2

Our ongoing documentation of Jeremiah Knupp going from street rider to road racer continues as he looks to AMA pro Geoff May for insight and inspiration.

Road Racing Series - Part 1

This is an introduction to a series of four articles which will address how to get a race license, build a Supersport race bike and ride in your first race. Stay tuned to Motorcycle.com in the upcoming weeks for more.

Birds Of A Feather

Back in the days when I worked for Bob and Patti Carpenter at Road Rider magazine, they often divided their time between riding motorcycles and their other favorite pursuit, birdwatching.