Patents Reveal Polaris Developing Trike

In addition to its lineup of off-road machines, snowmobiles, electric vehicles and now two motorcycle divisions, Victory and Indian, Polaris has applied for a patent on a road-legal, motorized three-wheeler.

Electric Motorcycles Primer

Electric motorcycles are part of the whole initiative to bring all sorts of electric vehicles into the mainstream. This article discusses some of the bigger issues, while focusing on a few American companies that are leading the way.

Affordable Riding in the New Year

To some, motorcycles are regarded as expensive toys. But, while pricey two-wheelers get all the attention, it turns out there are literally dozens of affordable new bikes available in showrooms across America.

Top Ten Best Sounding Motorcycle Engines

Music to one's ears is often a cacophony of racket to another's. For bikers, the variety of noises emanating from internal combustion motorcycle engines is a mechanical concerto of pistons, valvetrains, air intakes and exhausts.

Testing BMW's S1000RR at the Arctic Circle

Motorcycle.com's European correspondent takes a BMW S1000RR on a northern pilgrimage for a weekend of road racing, tire testing and other moto adventures at Norway's Arctic Circle Raceway - perhaps the world's most remote circuit.

A Luxury-Touring Rethink

There's long been an often persnickety and sometimes pernicious notion that big touring motorcycles are made for little old ladies and geezer-class men. That's just a pile of poppycock.

Motocross Protective Gear Guide

Thinking about getting into motocross? Well before you jump on your bike and hit the dirt, you need to make sure you have the right protective equipment.

Motorcycle History: Part 2

We take a look at the frantic pace of development as the 19th rumbles into the 20th Century, as engines and chassis benefit from milestone-making innovations.