Adaptiv Technologies Radar Detection Install project bike goes under the radar

Many motorcycle enthusiasts are quite satisfied with the current performance capabilities of their bike and prefer to leave that aspect well alone. There is another breed however, with an insatiable appetite for pushing the envelope who choose to perpetually tinker and modify their bikes for visual appeal or increased performance.’s Forum Manager, Stew Lawson happens to fit into the latter, so over the course of the next year or so we will be tricking out his 2007 ultra blue metallic CBR 600RR. Now we’re not talking about the chrome spinning rims and extended swingarm kind of mods that drug dealers with gold teeth dream about, our goal is to add some tasteful alterations and adjustments that will unleash the dark side of this RR while keeping it classy.

No one likes seeing the cherries of smoky the bear in the mirror so the first installation we did was the addition of a radar detector.

Disclaimer* does not promote or endorse illegal activity on public roads, nor do we assume any responsibility for actions other than our own.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s move on shall we?

We chose to go with the TPX radar and laser detection system from Adaptiv Technologies because we had read nothing but good things. Chief Technology Officer, Adam Gold, addresses their success. “Our first product, the TPX Radar and Laser Detection System, was launched in February of 2008. Right off the bat it was awarded one of the "Top Ten Products" at the Dealer Expo, and "Top 50 Products for 2008" by Powersports Business Magazine. The TPX Radar and Laser Detection System was also designed specifically for use on motorcycles. We don’t believe everything we read though, so we were anxious to strap it on the bike and see how it worked. First off, who is Adaptiv Technologies are what do they do? According to, Adam Gold, “Adaptiv Technologies is a company dedicated to bringing innovative electronics to the motorcycle industry.” He then added, “Our expertise is electronics, and our passion is motorcycling, so the company emerged from the combination of the two.”

Before the fun began, we first had to get it installed. Immediately we were all impressed with how solid, well thought out and constructed the package was. Directions were easy to read and the installation was simple, even for amateurs. The package came with the main console, wiring harness and cable ties but we also decided to go for the LED visual alert and wireless headset to cover all the bases. The TPX console is powered by the 12V power source of the motorcycle, so we removed the seat and hooked up the terminal cables; red to red and black to black. As I said, it’s not rocket science.

We then removed the screws holding on the outer fairing so that we could route the wires from the battery to the main console. Replace the screws after routing cable; clearly.

Once the wires are in place, the mount for the CBR 600 RR replaces the stock steering stem nut. 

Since the mount has two ball and socket joints, it allows you to adjust it to the position that is best for you. 

The main console then snaps right into the mount and can be easily removed with a quick release.

Plug and play – its that easy! Since we opted for the visual alert, we mounted that below the windscreen with two-sided tape and plugged it into the console.

The wireless headset fit neatly into the helmet and was ready to go. Game on. Come back soon to see our own high speed radar testing on the CBR 600RR!

If you crave more information and you crave it now, read my complete interview with Adaptiv Technologies Chief Technical Officer Adam Gold:

MO: What kind of bikes do you make detectors for?

AG: The TPX Radar and Laser Detector will work with any bike. We make custom mounts for most bikes on the road today. In addition, the system is compatible with all RAM Mount, Techmount, and any other third party mounts.

MO: Is there anything particularly special about this device?

AG: In addition to the mounting system and ease of installation, the TPX has many additional motorcycle-specific features.  For one, the entire system is waterproof. No more worrying about getting caught in the rain. The buttons are large for ease of use, especially with gloves.The daylight visible LCD is located towards the front of the bike and angled in an upward slant to be as close to the riders' field of vision as possible. We don't want you to take your eyes off the road any more than is necessary when riding. In that regard, we don't want you fiddling with buttons any more than is necessary either, which is why the controls are extremely simple. Perhaps the most unique features of the TPX system are the alert methods. Motorcycling is obviously a very loud environment so the tiny speaker on your typical car radar detector just won't cut it. That's why the TPX is offered with an optional Wireless Headset. Just place the receiver on the outside of your helmet and stick the speaker in the ear pocket and you'll hear every alert at any rpm. For those that don't wear a helmet, we offer the Visual Alert. This small, but ultra bright led cluster is designed to be mounted just above the gauges, or on your handlebars (depending upon your setup). When the detector receives a signal, you'll see the Visual Alert flashing in your peripheral vision.  The Headset Volume and the Visual Alert brightness are adjustable through the Main Console. You can use both the Wireless Headset and the Visual Alert at the same time if you'd like. The TPX can also be integrated into your existing sound system. Just check with your sound system's manufacturer for the appropriate adapter and plug it directly into the Wiring Harness.

MO: Can you explain how is works?

AG: When the detector picks up a radar or laser signal, the Headset will beep and the Visual Alert will flash. The LCD on the Main Console will display the band and signal strength.

Operation wise, hold the power button in for two seconds to toggle the power on/off. To mute any incoming signals, tap the bottom left button. If you hold this button in for 2 seconds, it will toggle the blue button backlight on/off. This is merely for aesthetics, but we think it looks cool. If you press the top left button, it will cycle through the different modes (highway, city, city no x). The buttons on the right side control the volume and the Visual Alert LED intensity. If you hold the top left button in for two seconds, it will change whether the right hand side buttons are controlling the volume or the LED intensity.

MO: What is unique about this detector? How is it different from other brands?

AG: If you really want to find out why the TPX is different from the other car radar detectors, just get one and try to rig it onto your bike. I think you'll find out real quick how much of a pain it is to do so. We really made the TPX so that anyone who is capable of changing their own oil can install it themselves on their bike.

MO: What bands does it recognize? Does it monitor 360 degrees?

AG: It monitors, X, K, Superwide Ka, and laser. All 360 degrees.

MO: Is there anything else you would like to tell me about the device?

AG: The performance is certified by Speed Measurement Laboratories, the leading, independent testing lab for radar detectors. We participated in their annual radar detector comparison test and we did really well. We were up against some of the best and most expensive car radar detectors around and the TPX picked up and identified radar signals just as accurately and quickly as them. The TPX System has also received a "Four Star" rating from Radar Roy, who is recognized as the leader in real world evaluation of radar detectors.

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