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Default You can make it Wheelie!

So, I downloaded the demo, warning the demo from EA Sports was corrupted, go to another game place. Fun demo, after doing about 5 races on super easy I decided to go for the "Real" setting. A lot harder! I am also using a keyboard which makes it that much harder. I did figure out how to power brake it (hold down gas and brakes) and then I figured out how to wheelie, long wheelies. From a stop gas it a little and then hold down the gas and the brakes and you start to slowly come up into a nice wheel stand. I did that all the way around the track, crashed a lot, but it looked really cool in the replay. I dig the replay options, slow motion and different camera angles. I am going to have to get the full game, and some of those Ducati game handelbars. At least when it is snowing here in Colorado I can feel a little better by making Haga wheelie!
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Default Stoppies

For those wondering about being able to do stoppies. You can do stoppies in Superbike, the original release. For some reason 2000 and 2001 they changed a few things. I feel the original was the most accurate and true to the simulation aspect. You could get on the throttle, back off, get back on it and do power wheelies without leaving the tuck. Rolling stoppies were abounding I even managed to get the skill down (something I always wondered on the street) where I do a 180 towards the end of the rolling stoppie, doing a kind of periotte (sp?) at the end. Fun stuff

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Default Re: Stoppies

In 2001 you still can do MASSIVE wheelies....

Assign braking to a button on your joystick (mine is a Microsoft Sidewinder Force feedback), on the straight go full throttle and apply the brake....

YEEEAAAHA! (donot continue to hold the brake, you'll backflip!)

The game does like memory when all whistles and bells are switched on.... with 64MB you continue to get 3D texture errors.... So add 256MB....

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Default Re: EA Sports SBK 2001

I agree man, this game hands down is the BEST racing simulation for bikes yet!! I've espeically found enjoyment with turning the realism all the way up and actually turning FAST laps!!! The big brother of my R6 is my choice, the R7, fast as all hell, I like the sensation of speed and the "oh, " sensation of touching a wheel to the dirt. I've never ridden track, but I can't imagine it being too far from this game, as it has been enough to subside my uncontrollable desire to ride throughout this awful Michigan winter. This game is TOPS for improving smoothness on the throttle, we use MSN Sidewinder sticks to race, they arent ANYTHING like your handlebars, however the sensitivity of these joysticks allows for smooth braking and throttle application coming out of turns. Whoever thinks they have the balls to go out and buy that badass new R1 should take a spin on the R7 in SBK2001 and really ask themselves...."....is it really that scary? That fast? That INCREDIBLY INTENSE!?!?!?" I only ride an R6, but I tell u yes, for the record. Buy this before u buy a real bike and see how smooth you THINK u are as apposed to how smooth u REALLY are.



P.S. Laguna Seca is GORGEOUS with all of the elevation changes and desert scenery
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Default Re: joystick/ideas to make it better

This is exactly the problem I've had with the SBK series and other roadracing games. Every controller I've tried on it (wheel, joystick, gamepad) either sucks or destroys the level of immersion in the game.

Going to check out the Ducati setup...like I need something else to drop $100 on.

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Default Re: EA Sports SBK 2001

I have the steering wheel from Logitech(wingman formulaforceGP). It comes with accelerater pedal and brake pedal. It also has force feedback.
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Default Re: joystick/ideas to make it better

Try the Wingman Extreme gamepad.

Gyro steering is great, to bad it doesnt have any analog buttons for throttle and braking...

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Cool SBK 2000 EA Sports

Say does anyone care to show me the way to get some good set-ups,
It's all pretty simple (Set up) but any input to increase my performance would be good. So you know Im using the Honda RC45.
Thanx people!!
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