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Default A woman, thirst to ride the distance

Since my solo ride did not quench my deep thirst for riding extreme distances, this year I plan to ride my motorcycle from Boston Massachusetts (USA) to the Panama Canal in Central America. Riding back to Chicago to meet a group of ladies, then riding to Sturgis South Dakota for Bike Week, then back to Boston Massachusetts.

When done with my ride, I will have logged around 15,000 miles on my Triumph Bonneville. 2000 of those miles will be solo riding....

I do have a blog via my website that I will be maintaining throughout the ride and when I come back into the United States.

Please visit my site to learn more about my amazing ride starting June 23, 2012.

Madeleine Velazquez rides her Triumph motorcycle extreme distances

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Good for you, ride safely.
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Most awesome! Hope you have a great ride!
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Default Steve, Vigo, Rune and Sigmor Gibraltar

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Default Oelk, Yorik, Ramirez and Surus Swaziland

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Default Givess, Runak, Kadok and Ugolf United kingdom

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