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Default Women's Gear Research Project


Hey, My name is Brie. I am a 3rd year fashion design student at Ryerson and am doing a research project on women's protective gear. I need feedback from as many WOMEN riders in the Greater Toronto Area as possible, and thus need YOUR help! If you are a women rider please spend a few minutes answering these questions! If you know any women riders please spread the word to them, and get them to answer these questions!

They can be emailed back to me at [email protected], as well as any questions, concerns, or comments!

Thanks for your support!

- Name?
- Age?
- How long have you been riding for?
- What do you ride now? What did you start out on? (Brand, Colour, and CC's)
- Do you find there is enough women's protective gear available?
- What is your main source of purchasing protective gear/ apparel?
- How many riding jackets, pants, boots, gloves do you own?
- What would make you buy more? (eg. tax rebates, proven safety levels, colours, fit, styling, fashion trends, availability)

- What colours do you find most in the women's apparel?
- Do you wish there were other colours more readily available? What colours?
- Do you normally wear pink? What are your thoughts on pink in the women's riding industry?
- Do you own a pink riding jacket, or WOULD you own a pink riding jacket?

- What pads does your jacket (s) come with? Are they removable? Do you think they are sufficient?
- Do you find the protective padding in women's jackets thinner, thicker, or the same as mens?
- Do you find the padding sits in the correct place while you are riding? If not where does it sit? Too high, too low?
- If you had a jacket custom made what would you change about the pads?

- Do you think that women's jackets are shaped to fit women or are they too similar to mens jackets?
- Do you think women's pants are shaped to fit women or are they too similar to mens pants?
- Do you have fit issues with apparel you have tried on in the stores, or that you own? If so, WHAT is wrong? HOW would you fix it?
eg. Jacket too short when riding, sleeves to short, shoulders too wide, too tapered at waist, not tapered enough?

- Do you find the sizing of the jacket you wear different than that of a normal jacket?
- What size riding jacket(s) do you own? What size of fall jacket (non riding) do you generally wear?
- Do you think the sizing of jackets is wrong or correct? Would you change their sizing/ size charts?
- Do you think special sizes of gear are available enough? (eg, xxs, xxl, long, short, etc)

- What do you like about jackets available to women?
- What do you want changed about them? (I would love ALL the feedback you have!)
- Other thoughts, questions, concerns!
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Default Hamlar, Lee, Makas and Kirk Saint kitts and nevis

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Default Taklar, Will, Silvio and Barrack Israel

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