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Default Re: Cooling Problems with 1997 Triumph Adventurer.

If you go under the tank and find the wires for the fan, you can test it by unplugging and crossing them to fool the engine into thinking it has reached a high temperature. It's either that or idle it and blip the throttle until it starts overheating.
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Default Re: Cooling Problems with 1997 Triumph Adventurer.

Thats a good thing.If the engine was running too hot it would boil the radiator.To test the fan you can find the senser switch in the engine and run a wire between the terminals and the fan should come on.The triumph has a very good cooling system.
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Default Re: Cooling Problems with 1997 Triumph Adventurer.

Doesn't the Triumph have a temp. gauge? All watercooled machines should have a coolant temp gauge, not an idiot light, or in some cases, nothing at all. With a gauge, you'd just cross reference to the owners manual indicated coolant operating temperature range to confirm your coolant status and be able to anticipate when and if your fan should be running and if your overheating or whatever. Otherwise you've got to go with some of the above recommended solutions to address a concern that may actually have no basis in fact. Or, just trade the machine in for air cooled technology, which NEVER overheats.
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Default Re: Cooling Problems with 1997 Triumph Adventurer.


In additiion to what the others have said, you should be aware that there is a Technical Service Bulletin (or whatever Triumph calls such) on ALL carbureted Triples.

There is a problem with the electrical ground that causes the Overtemp light to come on when the fan comes on (mentioned above.) The fix is to add a ground wire from the radiator mount to the connector block inside the headlight enclosure.

Your Triumph dealer should be able to give you a copy of the one page document. Failing that, PM me and I'll get it from a buddy, scan it and send it to you.

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