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Originally Posted by Mayz945 View Post
I was looking into it and found a wire thats not connected to anything... Here are some pictures... can anyone tell me or show me what this wire is supposed to be bolted to? Could this wire be the reason it wont start?
I believe that is the remote idle adjustment screw. It should be mounted on a small bracket along the frame somewhere. I'm pretty sure it's not related to your issue.

It looks like the previous owner already tried the salt water immersion procedure. Guess you can skip that one.
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Originally Posted by sachiwilson View Post
An, no no no. I disagree. That looks like an idle adjust screw. It should be bolted up under the tank somewhere, I bet.

It's definitely not an airbox or gas drain.

You're right!

I didn't notice the lil' bracket 'til I took a second look! I just figured it was the airbox drain, and someone had merely stuffed some random knob into it as a plug.

See? SEE!? This is what I was talkin' about! - Another reason why it's so frakkin' hard to diagnose these things over the 'Net!

Either way, it's NOT the reason it won't start.

(THAT reason is because it's a [hack, SPIT!] SV........)
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did you ever get your problem fixed. I have the same thing going on.
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my suspicion is that it's the starter relay

i had the same problem, replaced the starter relay and voila

they go out after a number of years
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