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Jexter 03-11-2004 04:32 PM

Re: This is a motorcycle site not the Lazik group therapy site
What URL?

glgray81 03-17-2004 02:08 PM

Re: SV 650s for novice rider?
Scott, I am of a similar build, and I would also throw out the consideration of an fz6. I am only 23, and I have spent my last seven years on a virago 750. World of difference to say the least. I know the SV is cheaper, but looks have to count for something. The pegs and seat can get a little buzzy after four or so hours, and I have found it most comforatble to just lay on the tank on long hauls, but it still has more than enough power that I don't think that you will get tired of it anytime soon. Much luck, and have fun with whatever you get!

chopdaddy 05-18-2004 05:16 AM

Re: SV650S for novice rider?
I thought the riding position of a cruiser is LESS comfortable than a sport or sport/tourer on long rides; not MORE. He's telling us here that his Honda Shadow is not a comfortable riding position. Cruisers are great for looks, not necessarily for long-ride comfort.

chopdaddy 06-04-2004 11:07 AM

For some folks a Camry works just fine, JB. It ain't about image, or at least its not supposed to be. For some of us, the act of riding a MC is exciting enough and we don't 100+ hp or 10 second 1/4 mile times to impress someone. If he's choosing to ride at all, then he's already proved he's got plenty o' balls. Anybody who takes a m/c on the road with 10 ton semis and gray haired snowbirds who forget they have turn signals has got to be plenty brave. For many of us, motorcycles are a hobby item, so cost DOES matter. Right now here in South FL, I can buy a brand new 2003 SV650 for $4,895. Where else are you going to find that much bike new, at that kind of price? And since when is Honda the standard of "cool"?

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