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10-12-2013 05:08 PM

Motorcycle Ambient Movie
hi all/ i posted here about my blog a week ago and receive a lot of visits. thanks for coming to check out Cruising Photography & Eudaimonia and see what i am trying to do with a camera and a motorcycle.

i've started making videos that are more that the usual footage of a ride. I'm working toward something more "artistic" shall we say. I call them Ambient Movies, 5-10 min shorts that use videos styles and effects to convey the mood of a ride. just learning how to do this so we have a long way to go but this first one certainly gives you the idea of what i'm after. see what you think and if it is of any interest to you. feedback is always welcome.

you can see the first ambient movie i made here:

A Bodhisattva In Repose | Cruising, Photography & Eudaimonia

go to the end of the post to find the video. many thanks for taking a look,


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