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Default Tenerife

I just got back from a trip to Tenerife. Had one day to rent a bike and have an adventure.

My FZ6 rental. *Fun bike but a bit uncomfortable. *Cost about 18 Euros to fill the tank. *It was almost empty and the tank holds about 5 gallons or 20 liters. *It lasted the entire day but I didn't track how many miles I travelled, my guess is the mpg isn't very good.

A door in Vilaflor!

Stumbled upon a local parade. *All were encouraged to march with the group including myself. *I followed for some time but had no idea what all the excitement was about. *There were no floats just an array of costumed townspeople from the very young to adults. *It was followed by a van that was blatting out music from a roof mounted PA system. *I was told later that this was the remnants of the Carnaval festival that had ended as we arrived to the island.

One last view of Vilaflor. *Note the clouds, the weather at the coast is probably in the 70's. *In the cloud as you ascend it gets very cold and when you are on the north end usually some precipitation. *Once you break through the clouds it warms up again, that day it was in the low 60's as long as you are in sunlight.

This is a combined photo. *The bike did not move I just shot the road from in front and behind, trying to illustrate the twisty nature of the roads.

Look at the dark volcanic soil. *The forest was just starting to thin out as I was reaching the plateau.

Once you get to the top it looks like an alien world.

There is still variety in the landscape and some amazing rock formations.

The pink church, highest in the land resting at 7,700 feet above sea level.

Passing the mountain and heading to the north side of the island I came across a lunar type landscape. *Sandy with rocks scattered about unlike the very rocky southern section of the mountain plateau.

Standing above the clouds. *A nice German couple took my photo. *Made fun of me as I ran my hands over my head to fluff up what little hair I had left, I thought it might be mushed down from the helmet.

My last moments in the sun for quite some time.

Looking back at El Teide one more time before my descent.

I was about to head down the mountain and into the clouds. *I chose this route based upon the map. *While twisty it seemed far less tight with more straights than my other options. *It was true for the most part, there is just no avoiding the switchbacks.

The ride down was cold and foggy/cloudy. *There were times when I couldn't see more than ten feet in front of me. *Then the stinging ice crystals and sharp rain drops attacked me. *Even with the discomfort it was beautiful. *I stopped along the way hopping the I could photo the fog and clouds rolling off the side of the cliffs and over the road. *The camera did an okay job capturing the scene but it was much more dramatic to the naked eye.

Along the other side I visited the coastal town of Candelaria. *Stepped inside this beautiful church. *This was the only town where I ran into a beggar and he was sitting on the church steps as you exited.

Outside the church along the sea wall is a row of eight statues. *They represent the original inhabitants of the Canary Islands.

Time to eat, I had octopus with potatoes.

And small fried fish. *Never know what you are going to get when you can't quite read the menu. *You eat the fish head and all.

In the coastal town of Garachino is the Castillo de San Miguel. *Constructed in 1575 as a fortress.

I went back up the mountain afterwards, there are four main roads so I did a convoluted figure eight across the island. *The way back up was even colder than the way down. *I was completely uncomfortable and wanted nothing more than to break into the sunlight once again. *My arms were so tired by then and the constant shivering had me in an awful state. *While there were some gorgeous views I simply wanted to press on and get out of the cloud bank.

I stopped at a restaurant near El Teide and had a bowl of chicken soup to warm me up. *So glad to be back in the sunlight.

The incredibly winding roads near Masca.

The village of Masca built along the cliff walls. *Later that week Serena and I would take a four hour hike from the village down to the sea.

More of the bluffs near Masca.

After I returned my bike I was greeted to a beautiful sunset.

Tenerife is a beautiful place with gracious people, delicious food and diverse landscape. *Depending on what kind of connections you can get the flight time is around eight to ten hours. *Most people speak English as it is a popular destination for UK travelers as well as other European visitors. *It isn't horribly expensive, prices for food and services are slightly more than the US but not out of line. *A great place to rent a bike and explore!

1984 Honda Nighthawk cb650sc
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Very nice. Thanks for the pics.
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On the subject of "cold": a friend came up with a saying, that I'm fond of repeating - "It's not a true ADventure without a little ADversity - otherwise, it's just a long trip..."

Thanks for posting-up, I always intend to do something like this for other moto-trip voyeurs, but often fail to do so.
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Really nice! Thanks!
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Looks like great fun, and the country looks gorgeous.
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