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Default Yellowstone

Went to Yellowstone for a few days last week. From Salt Lake the round trip was about 1100 miles.

First we stopped at the Potato Museum in Blackfoot, Idaho. did you know that Idaho grows 1/3 of all the potatoes consumed in the USA?

World's biggest chip.

World's largest collection of potato mashers.

Then we stopped at the Air Museum in Rexburg, Idaho. all the planes there are flyable.

TBM Avenger from Pres Bush's squadron in WWII.

Restored Mustang. There were three Mustangs there.

Neat old Biplane. Don't remember the model.

P-63 (not a P-39)

Yellowstone itself. The worst danger was not the Bison or Moose. It was the MFing MFers in their MFing motorhomes. Idiots get out and walk up to a moose for photos. We drove by one moose that was getting annoyed by the idiots. Didn't hang around to find out what happened.

Continental divide. Right now we are on the evil side of the US. Only a couple of steps away to the good side.


Miles and miles of scenery. We put on about 150 miles there each day for three days

Stayed in Gardiner, Mt with a nice veranda over the Yellowstone River.

Cooke, Montana outside the northeast entrance. My kind of convenience store. Free spotting scope if you bag a liberal.

Stayed in Cody, Wy and saw the Buffalo Bill Museum where you can learn everything you ever wanted to know about Buffalo Bill. They do have an extensive gun collection and it's pretty nice actually, but I think the $18 entry fee a bit much.

Parked next to 2 955i Tigers in Cody. This is probably all the Tigers in the entire State.

Headed south through the Tetons to Jackson Hole. The road goes pretty close to the Tetons.

Jackson Hole, Wy. is home to rich trash. This is the only town I've seen where Mercedes and Cadillacs and Lexi are parked in front of trailer homes. Apparently the billionaires have pushed the millionaires into low level housing.

Chief Joseph Hwy. I suggest that if you take the trouble to go to Yellowstone don't miss this road. Probably the most gorgeous ride I've ever been on.

Beautiful downtown Afton, Wy.

Definitely a fun trip. Everyone needs to tour Yellowstone sometime. And don't miss the Chief Joseph Hwy. Just be careful for the idiot tourists in their f***ing motorhomes and huge trailers. The weather remained unseasonably cold. Mornings in the high 30s with afternoon thundershowers. Somehow we avoided getting rained on except when we'd just pulled up to the motel in Cody. Oh yeah and the Grand Teton Brewery Pal Ale is outstanding.
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Excellent, looks like a fun trip. Motorhomes are definitely a menace up here as well. I think they give out free lobotomy's and a case of beer with every purchase.
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Originally Posted by sarnali2 View Post
Excellent, looks like a fun trip. Motorhomes are definitely a menace up here as well. I think they give out free lobotomy's and a case of beer with every purchase.
The problem is, the "Drivers" (and I use the term "Driver" loosely here) sort of "forget" that they're not in a Kia, then guide them in a similar manner.

"What's that noise? Oh, nevermind, I'll just keep on drivin'......"

(as the back of the RV scraaaAAAAAAAAAAAPES down the side of the minivan in the gas-station-lane next to them, smashing glass and squishing the pump on the opposite side of the van )

(YES, I witnessed a guy actually stop the RV, poke his head out of the DS window, completely ignore the guy screamin' about his van, then continue-on and even start to pull-out on the highway)
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Thumbs up

Good stuff! Thanks for sharing!

Someday, maybe someday, I'll be able to get out that far west on my motor-sickle.
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That is gorgeous country, alright! We thoroughly enjoyed our trip there this June!

The Yellowstone is already back in its banks, I see. We rafted past your porch, I think...
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