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Originally Posted by zip View Post
Musclebike Sportbike Friendship

When we were leaving bike nights me and two others riding with me saw maybe 16 Harley type bikes riding aggressively south, we saddled up fast hoping to catch them, went out to the hwy riding semi fast, caught up with them at the stop sign. They turned south and the race was on, the leader was riding a fully custom extreme chopper with a 220 rear tire and plenty of extra power, I was on a 600 sportbike. I worked my way up in their line, two full throttle passes, the third one taking me into a full throttle pass up to the leader. I took a couple triple posted corners and slowed to check my mirrors, one headlight coming up fast, I took a couple more fast corners and I slowed again, still one headlight. I let him catch up and pass to follow, he was all over on the corners sending up pieces of his bike in sparks, I could tell this was a very good rider, I go to take lead again and his bike starts sputtering and slows, I pulled beside him and we started talking, I asked if he was ok, he was just having some fuel problems, so as were riding side by side he's working on his bike, all of a sudden he twists the throttle and the race is continued, I pass him, let him pass, again I pass and let him pass, straight a way he tops at 144 and I passed like he is stopped, the race slowed and calmed cruising side by side throwing big smiles at each other, he wanted to know the speeds that were hit, as we shared euphoria we just rode side by side the rest of the way to the last stop sign. Big smiles at each other, he and I hug and pat each other on the back. The groups catch up and all gave big smiles as the leader of one group hugs another from the other group, I will remember this experience for a long time, he's a "good man" I will ride with him anytime.
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Originally Posted by Morbo the Destroyer View Post
I think this guy is 13, and the only seat time he has is pillion with his Dad.

Ach, way to go Ken....now the kid knows we think he's full of sh*t and won't post anymore.....

Party pooper........
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