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Earlier today my passenger and I were on a 600, taking off sideways from stop lights and passing cars before they even get chances to start the corners. We were with another rider until we merged onto the freeway, the bike we were with was cruising about 90 and we left them, completely disappearing in a heavy traffic long straight a way, so we took the first available exit and let the other bike pass as we were turing around. We saw the other rider passing on the freeway as we were now facing the opposite direction of the other rider, so that's when curiosity and ambition set in "can we catch this other bike going 90 when the bikes are parallel and faced opposite directions?" So throttle on, and clutch slipping as we're trying to grab traction while maneuvering a very steep banked ramp. As we're ripping through the corner it feels like the other bike is pulling away and there is not going to be a meet, as we round second gear kicks in and the corner is straightening, front wheel hovering just off the ground things start looking good, and before I had time to think I had to check over my shoulder to merge into the passing lane where the other bike was traveling to squeeze in staggering right behind their tire. passenger and I were laughing as the other rider just shook their head, we cruised together for another mile to our destination to share the rush that was just experienced.

Written by: anonymous
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Sounds like you have a deathwish.
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Sounds like The Highwayman has taken up sport bikes.
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"before I had time to think" I was spending 6 months in a hospital with a tube up my penis for urine and a needle in my arm for hydration and drugs. Every other day my passenger and I get extra morphine when the burn-unit nurses come and scrape our skin with rough sponges to try to keep scar tissue from forming. The orthopedist said I may get to walk again someday if the artificial hip will join with the bones. My passenger would be laughing at the fun we had except she's in a coma and the surgeon had to open a hole in her skull to keep the pressure on her brain from killing her.

What a rush we experienced.
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