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Default 49cc skigo two up

first and only adventure on this hog

My cousin and I bought a Skigo 49cc and licensed it, if you are not familiar with the Skigo it is a Honda Monkey replica. we got it home and chose a HiWay to take a trip, we figured out that if I sat up as far forward as possible with my feet on the engine and he sat on the back half of the seat with his feet on the pegs it fit us pretty comfortably. We started off in it's maiden voyage, 1st gear started us off nice, second gear gave a little jolt and finally third gear creeping up to a mere 30mph heading from 5 miles out of Drain Oregon up Hwy 38 twards Drain, there isn't much of a shoulder there to be riding two up at on a little 49cc bike but we plugged along very well. We made it to Drain and stopped at a gas station to top it off, I pulled the fuel cap off and there wasn't enough room to even put a drop of fuel into the tank, so we saddled up and headed for Yoncalla on another HiWay Another five miles hugging the white line we went, very low traffic and no angry honks we're doing great, bugs were merely tapping our faces and flying away. Half way we decided to stop and rest a while to enjoy the scenery, time to restart the trek pulling the starter cord to get the beast rollin, only because somewhere along the way we lost the electric starter, along with the horn and lights. We stopped at the gas station in Yoncalla, once again no room for fuel in the tank. For the final jaunt we started towards home which was another ten miles out of Yoncalla on Scotts Valley rd plugin and puttin we Climbed a few hills, not slowing much from 30mph to 25mph, arrived safely at home with our half shell helmets and big grins and a Skigo that had never again had an operational electrical system. We took it to the mechanic they just bought it back from me because they had it torn apart so many times and never found the problem. I can't wait for the honda monkey to be re released into the US, unless it already is?

written by zip

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