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Kenneth_Moore 06-15-2010 08:03 AM

Road Runner Magazine
I got a sample copy of this magazine in the mail the other day. It's pretty good, focusing on motorcycle road trips around the US and abroad. Fonzie's trip to Panama on the KLR 650 is one of the trips covered. Very nice color photography!

There are also bike reviews, equipment reviews, lots of maps and other travel-related information. It's a well-done magazine, very heavy stock is used, and it has a book-type binding rather than staples. But the best part is that there are almost NO ADs, just a few in the back and on the inside front cover.

At $25 a year, it's not a cheap magazine. However, compared to the drivel that Cycle World and Motorcyclist are putting out these days, it might be worth a try.

Buzglyd 06-15-2010 09:02 AM

And former MOfo Eric Bass is part of the staff.

V2Rider 06-15-2010 10:29 AM

I've been a subscriber since the beginning. Great magazine about motorcycles and travelling. It's given me a lot of great ideas on where to go when I get the time and the articles on foreign bike trips are pretty interesting.

seruzawa 06-15-2010 11:09 AM

Okay Kenny, I am ordering this mag based on your recommendation. If I don't like it it'll be on your head!

Actually I remember seeing one in the waiting area at the Triumph dealer. Seems like a pretty good mag. Certainly it isn't a worship rag for the manufacturers.

Kenneth_Moore 06-15-2010 11:50 AM


Originally Posted by seruzawa (Post 243855)
Certainly it isn't a worship rag for the manufacturers.

Yeah, I'm getting pretty tired of reading the same damn story about moto-journos being flown to Exotic Island for a demo ride. I swear sometimes it seems like all the magazine Editors have a monthly conference call:

"Ok guys, Kawasaki is rolling out their new ZXYZ. We're all flying to Puerto Caramba for a week to ride the thing. We'll do the cover story on it. Johnny, you put it in your "Just Introduced" section this month, then next month you can do a feature. Bob, you got the short straw, you have to do a long term on it."

mugwump58 06-15-2010 03:52 PM

I have a pile of those nice tear out maps. Come on retirement.

pplassm 06-15-2010 05:06 PM

It's interesting that the older mags are just parroting the same damn things, and keeping subscription costs down, while there are several magazines that are starting to flourish, but have susbscription prices that are not discounted.

Perhaps it's time to change the paradigm.

jmdonald 06-16-2010 07:35 AM

Thanks for the heads up.
I will try to track down a copy today. This sounds like just what the doctor ordered.

pushrod 06-16-2010 08:03 AM is your friend!

And, they have a GREAT rate on Motorcycle Consumer News.

Kenneth_Moore 06-16-2010 08:30 AM


Originally Posted by jmdonald (Post 243886)
I will try to track down a copy today. This sounds like just what the doctor ordered.

RoadRUNNER | Motorcycle Touring & Travel Magazine

.travel? I didn't know there was a .travel.

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