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Originally Posted by Kenneth_Moore View Post
RoadRUNNER | Motorcycle Touring & Travel Magazine

.travel? I didn't know there was a .travel.
Is there a .porn? Any takers for .porn!?
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Just ordered for dad's day. $25 for a bi-monthly? Yikes. Hope it's good.
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Originally Posted by Kenneth_Moore View Post
Yeah, I'm getting pretty tired of reading the same damn story about moto-journos being flown to Exotic Island for a demo ride. I swear sometimes it seems like all the magazine Editors have a monthly conference call:

"Ok guys, Kawasaki is rolling out their new ZXYZ. We're all flying to Puerto Caramba for a week to ride the thing. We'll do the cover story on it. Johnny, you put it in your "Just Introduced" section this month, then next month you can do a feature. Bob, you got the short straw, you have to do a long term on it."
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So I just found this thread (better late than never) while searching the web for something else... I hope you guy's have enjoyed the magazine thus far! My first touring articles will start showing up in 2012, hope you stick around (there)!
-- MotoInsider.com
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I'm looking forward to it.
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Recently picked up the Jan./Feb. 2012 edition of RoadRUNNER. Did so because I read about it here. This is a very entertaining mag cover to cover with well written articles and editorials. Being from Long Island, NY I consider upper NY state and the New England area my motorcycle playground (must get off the congested island to have real fun). I particularly enjoyed a touring article written by Florian Neuhauser titled, Adirondacks, New York, Shades of Green and In Between. He took the reader on tour with him from Lake George to Saranac Lake, White Face Mtn. Lowville & Lake Luzerne, on roads I actually have ridden myself. I liked his frequent references to the motorcycles they rode and the road conditions, and eliments, they encountered. He made sure the reader knew he was on a motorcycle. Other mags (RIDER Jan. 2012, Western Clorado Crossing by Ken Bingenheimer) only make superficial references to these important items. I'll be subscribing.
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