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Exclamation Riding my motorbike right through a flood

Ok, I don't own anything fancy coz I don't have $$$.

I live in a 3rd world country called Sri Lanka (island just below India). Thanks to all the political geniuses and very brainy engineers in the country the Moratuwa area's (where i live) flooded due to very heavy rain.

I own a Singer Kinetic Safari 4S (48.4CC 4-stroke air cooled, 12V 9AH sealed UPS battery, CVT, self-start). The bike came with a 4AH one but since UPS batteries are cheaper I replaced it with one. The seat of the bike is 2.5-2.8 feet above the ground.

Yesterday was my dads birthday and I went to the local food shop to buy a cake and stuff. When I was inside the shop it started raining very heavily. But since I had to get back before dad came home I put on my full kit rain coat and drove back home. On my way back the I took the least flooding route home but this time the rain was too much. As I drove into the water thinking it was less a 0.5 feet (it never is over that).

But I was soon to find my self in 2 feet of water. There was no reverse so I had to go through, i knew that if I cut the acceleration now the engine is going to get flooded. I held the acceleration and I was moving and the flow of the water was so strong that my slippers on my feet were almost going to come off. Suddenly half way through the engine died, I immediately hit the self start and kept holding it and after around 10 seconds I got the thing running in water. And I manage to cross the flooded area at around 500RPM (engine was like dying in the water). As soon as I was a cross the engine stopped again. This time I hit the neutral and hit the self-starter and it started but as I raised acceleration the engine was stopping.

So I held the acceleration on the level it didn't "stop" and after around a good 20 seconds I could see smoke out of the muffler and slowly increased acceleration and voila lots of smoke came out (I believe it is steam) and stopped the engine was ready to go so I got home safely and kept the engine running at half RPM for around 20 minutes. Then I let it cool and sprayed Kerosene mixed with 2T oil all over the engine and metal parts. Then I wiped the water off the body and sprayed as well.

The bike runs fine. I think the key to my going through water is :

-Petrol was open full
-Used Octane 95
-Higher Charge battery (9AH sealed)
-Expensive tip type spark plug
-Was never letting the engine idle
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Right on, Sri Lankin Motorcycle Dude, you did a good job there! The geniuses in Florida USA aren't much brighter than yours; even our "Super" highways flood out when the Summer monsoons come along. I've ridden through 4 feet or more of standing water; it's no fun at all. What's worse is when you're on a highway moving at speed and a huge truck hits a flooded area beside you. I've almost been blasted off the bike by the spray!
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