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Default Re: Burns:: Friday Fanaticism

I am sick and tired of everyone and their mother *****ing about SUV's. We are a great and free nation and the most productive on earth because of our freedom. It is none of your business what I drive, if I own a gun, ride motorcycles or anything else. Don't even mention my boat with a Supercharged intercooled big block, ($100 a day in gas cost).

Again, none of your business!

The fact is people can be poor inconciderate drivers regardless of what they drive. Does anyone believe that the vehicle determines the way a person drives? Bull*****! You are who you are.

If any of the above violates the law or another persons rights thats another story. But please stop painting everyone who owns SUV's boats etc. as idiots. Many of my friends think I am crazy for riding motorcycles, maybe so. But fortunately I live in a country where I have the right to be crazy if I want. And if you don't like it, tough *****!
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Default Re: Burns:: Friday Fanaticism

I have been challenged on these figures. For confirmation go to www.census.gov which is about a close to accurate anyone can get on this.
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Default You drive an SUV, You're an idiot.

that's my opinion
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Default Re: Burns:: Friday Fanaticism

One other point. Yes we use 25% of the resources in the world, but if we didn't then think of all the people that would be worse off. No buying, no work, no money, no food. They depend on us for there way of life. It is a two way street they make we buy.
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Default Depends on what your definition of

What exactly is "unprofessional"?

Illegal accounting practices that bankrupt a company, forcing employees to hold or buy stock you know will become valueless while you sell personal holdings, becoming even more exhorbitantly wealthy while they lose everything?</p>No, that's not it. Wait, I remember now:</p>Having a few too many ****tails at a celebratory dinner, maybe making an inappropriate comment or knocking something over and thereby tarnishing the near-perfect image of corporate America.</p>

Thankfully we were saved from ever thinking that those in charge could ever be like us or do anything that might injure a third party.</p>

Seriously, I agree with you rant that Americans are victims of their own creation. We refuse to even reduce our energy/petroleum consumption, let alone consider alternatives. Why would we want to use something like hydrogen to power our internal combustion engines, which outperforms petrol based IC engines, when we can use an unreliable, finite, and expensive source? (For those of you that will cry Hindenburg, I can say this: hydrogen burns clear, the Hindenburg did not. This is because the skin of the airship was painted with a compound similar to rocket fuel that started the blaze. Yes, hydrogen is flamable, but so is gasoline).</p>

Wait, that would actually make sense, but so would reducing consumption.
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Default Re: Burns:: Friday Fanaticism

let's look at reality, shall we. the problem with the middle east/arab cultures is thier bull***** religion. any belief system thats based on concepts that haven't evolved since the middle ages is just not going to cope with the changing reality of the world today. The mullahs espouse thier claptrap to explain why thier countrys are backward ****holes in a world of prosperity and blame us for thier own lack of progress. the fact is theyd still be cooking over camel ***** fires if the U.S., Dutch, and Brits hadn't started thier petroleum industry 100 years ago they are taught from birth that were to blame for thier misery and that the only answer is to kill some one [and yourself], What future does a society that sacrifices it's children have? I do agree that land yacht SUV's are a bit much, but there are just as many fools in cars so thats a difficult argument to maintain, and for do it all in one vehicales mid size SUV's are tough to beat. In my opinion any organized religion is to soaked in blood to have any validity anyway. ........... you may fire when ready, Griddley
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Default Re: Burns:: Friday Fanaticism


Good article. I don't agree with everything you wrote, but you made people think. I agree with making people think about their stance on subjects so that they may better understand themselves and the topic.

Well like the character Dirty Harry said "Opinions are like assholes everyone's got one," and here comes mine. If you're blocking traffic get the heck out of the way. It's as simple as yielding the faster vehicle.

I personally am a fine gourmet of drunk unprofessional behavoir. As long as you only hurt yourself and did not interfer with someone else's exsistance more power to you.

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Default Re: Burns:: Friday Fanaticism

Hi John,

I think you're making a common mistake which is to think that our (motorcyclists) freedoms are essential while other's are frivolous or gluttonous. This type of mentality leads to the countless attempts of one group of people to impose their values on another group. History is littered with examples. As for the abundance or scarcity of oil there are 2 curious aspects to the arguement.

First, oil production and prices hover around a point which maximizes revenue to the producers. These include all of the Arab countries that supposedly decry our gluttonous and materialistic ways. Interesting that their bread is buttered with our excess.

Second, although there are numerous examples of distorted reporting, that's no reason to throw out all work that attempts to estimate our energy reserves. The key is to do your homework. As you know from riding the 954, GSXR1000, and R1, our science may be imperfect but it is pretty damn good. Our total energy reserves are quite huge with oil being amongst the cheapest and most available. Our sun shines down approximately 2.825e25 joules of energy each year which equates to almost 7000 times our worldwide energy consumption so when solar cells get cheap enough, or oil scarce enough, we will switch.

The fact of the matter is that the US is both beautiful and frustrating because we attempt to let people alone to decide what course their lives should take. It doesn't always feel that way becuase we get caught up in our own matters but compared to the Taliban or other repressive regimes around the world, this place is a candyland of freedoms.

So I hear you. I hate Sport Futility Vehicles too. I can't understand why someone would spend 40 grand to drive a slow, ugly thing that doesn't stop, go, or turn. I just try to separate my value judgement (buying an SUV is stupid) from the legitimate infringement on my freedom (they hog the left lane block my safe passage). We need to fix the latter but if you're going to attack the former, you need to bring more than that tired environmentalist-as-anti-capitalist-ideology rhetoric.

And still I hope you will rant on!

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Default Re: Burns:: Friday Fanaticism

Ah...but a Hayabusa, excessive as it is in its own right, is highly efficient....it get good gas mileage, uses less than a lane on the freeway, and will do less damage to me, my car, or my bike when it hits me.

And, while we may be hated, we probably have the highest number of immimgrants per year of any country on the planet...so we can't be all that bad....
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Default Re: Burns:: Friday Fanaticism

As for painting people as idiots for driving SUVs, before the SUV it was the Volvo with a "Baby on Board" plackard that was the scourge of motorcyclists (remember those?) in 95, all the motorcycle boards were up in arms over baby on board Volvos and the biker hating, blood thirsty mommies and daddies that drove them.
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