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Default 240mph Top Speed On A Bike

Video - The speeometer's death. The final speed is about 240MPH!!!
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Originally Posted by TopRedLine.com View Post
1. I'm pretty damn sure that speedo is in kilometers.
2. The jackass is on a public road making us all look like d-bags.
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It's an "early" 'Busa speedo on a later bike; different calibration (or vicey-versey - mem'ry here) - I've read the debunking of this one before. Probably an "honest" 185-190mph, so the debunker sez................
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This is 205.
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Originally Posted by sachiwilson View Post
This is 205.
Only by another sites rules.
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With a blower the 'Busa speed record is 259.393mph at Bonneville. That's perfect conditions and a heck of a long run up. No way is any uncharged motorcycle going to go that fast. Notice that the bike in the video is wheelieing between 70 and 140mph and we're to believe that the bike would smoothly put its front wheel on the ground at a spin rate of less that 70mph while the bike has accelerated to 140mph?

It's a good trick though. Probably get a lot of suckers on youtube or wherever else idiots congregate.
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