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Default MO Movie Review: Psychomania

Psychomania is British biker/supernatural movie from the 60s. I learned a lot from this movie. I learned that to return from the dead you only have to want to. Isn't that great?

The movie opens with some Rockers on their Triumphs and BSAs riding around a sort of low rent stonehenge. The gang is called "The Living Dead" (foreshadowing!). The leader, Tom, is a spoiled rich kid who dances with mummy at home. His gang thinks the height of coolness includes riding on the sidewalk and harassing shoppers. He learns that mummy has made some sort of pact with the devil so he rides off a bridge and kills himself.

Did you know that a traditional burial of a Rocker requires that he be buried sitting on his bike in riding position? Or that the grave is only deep enough that his head sticks out of the ground? Well, I didn't either.

Anywho, he comes back to life. Only he looks entirely the same as an alive person except you can stick knives in him and stuff. He takes his gang and they commit suicide and terrorize the local supermarket and start killing people who annoy them. Let me advise you to never refuse free petrol to a dead rocker. How will this thrill ride end?

Actually there are some pretty good riding scenes and it's always a joy to see these old Britbikes and also hear proper sounds for the twins and singles instead of 2-stroke noises or whatever else a Hollywood movie would foley in. This is a quite amusing movie for such a low budget production, so I recommend it to anyone who enjoys bikers-returning-from-the-dead-movies. There're plenty of bad 60s Manfred Mann haircuts and amusing suicides featuring skydiving and the biggest locks and chains ever seen in a B feature. Let me add that after the last 4 movies I reviewed here this one was a real relief and quite painless.

As a note of trivia George Sanders plays the evil Butler. Naturally few MOrons would know who he is since most watch only wrestling and skinemax. The Devil also makes an appearance as a frog. Also featured is 60's British hottie Ann Michelle. But there's no nudity. After all that wouldn't be cricket.

Yes Tom, I'd cry too if I had hair like that

Rocker Merry-Go-Round

Rocker Stunts!

Rocker Fun! Harassing shoppers!

George/ Minion of Satan!

Prepped for burial!

Thrilling riding scenes!

Two dead/resurrected rockers getting a ticket. Did you know that if you rode your bike into an English police station the desk Sergeant will write you a ticket while you idle your bike instead of shooting you like an American cop would?

Check it out!
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Looks terrible.

I think I'll add it to my Nutflex que.
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