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It's crazy they didn't develope the bike with the longitudinal in-line four that they had 1935-43. Have you seen that strangely beautiful cruiser? Eerie. Almost Eerie Indiana. Worth easily 30k USD for the guys with the money.

But no. We've got to produce the same stuff than everybody else does. Our best MBAs have read market studies and they prove one-and-half litre V-2s sell 300,000 a year. Those longitudinal inline fours sell like zero. Zippo. Nada. This is a no-brainer. We hire our MBAs from ivy league so they know what they are talking about.

- cruiz-euro
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They plan to produce 750 of these things. I don't doubt that they'll sell all of them to people that can pay the freight and just have to have an Indian. But does that help them all that much?

Maybe if they're decent bikes and quality/reliability is good, it'll go some ways to bringing some credibility back to the brand. But if they truly want to become a full-line manufacturer like they say (yes, that means cruisers, tourers, sport-tourers, sportbikes, etc.), I don't think that this bike is the jump start they need. It's just not interesting. And it costs a ton.
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I don't think there is anything there that hasn't already been done-at half the price! Think of all the bikes/technology you can get for 32k++...any BMW comes to mind along with the offerings from HD, Victory, etc. I appreciate what Stephen Julius has done for Chris-Craft, but I doubt that success will tranlate here. Good Luck!
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