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The Spaceman 12-22-2011 09:23 AM

What the Hell?
Remember that Triumph / Harley Davidson collaboration everyone was talking about a year ago?

New Triumph-powered sportster on the way - | Motorbike reviews | Latest Bike Videos | MCN

Well, neither do I.

Buzglyd 12-22-2011 09:46 AM

I hear a small army of attorneys running in the background.

sarnali2 12-22-2011 09:53 AM

How come it says "enema" on the tank?

pushrod 12-22-2011 11:35 AM

Dunno! It's puzzling, ambiguous, and inexplicable!

I don't know why MCN teased the article that way. IIRC, there's nothing Harley about that bike, which is a full custom built with a Triumph powertrain.

The Spaceman 12-22-2011 02:04 PM


Originally Posted by pushrod (Post 272208)

I don't know why MCN teased the article that way. IIRC, there's nothing Harley about that bike, which is a full custom built with a Triumph powertrain.

That's exactly what it is.

But, HD is so prone to suing anyone who uses any variety of their trademarks, even "Hawg" for crissakes, it wouldn't suprise me if they did.

seruzawa 12-22-2011 02:08 PM

Interesting concept. But clipons wreck it. It needs superbike bars and a more reasonable seating position.

Not sure why anyone would use the name "Sportster" from a Johnny-come-lately company on a Triumph.

sarnali2 12-22-2011 03:59 PM

Well Triumph is name spinning on Ford with the Explorer 1200, which I have to say will be my next bike. I'm pretty impressed with the one at the IMS, if it rides as well as it looks it'll be a real hot seller.

The Sprint GT was pretty nice also, a set of GenMars would probably bring it all right into line.

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Herbertdupt 02-11-2016 10:49 PM

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