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Default AVP: Predator Marc Marquez

Did anyone else catch the Moto GP at COTA? Damn, that was a great show. The track itself is impressive enough, but the race was one of the best I've seen in some time.

Watching Marquez stalk Pedrosa reminded me of the glory days of Rossi. He just hung back...biding his time, then BAM! See 'ya, and honestly, I really wouldn't want to be ya, Mr. Pedrosa.

I'd like to see Pedrosa win a championship, he's paid his dues and been so close, but it seems not to be. It may be that Marquez won't be the new "Alien" he appears to be, but if he continues whipping up on Pedrosa and Lorenzo the way he did yesterday, the media may have to start calling him a "Predator."
318 curves in 11 miles."
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Marquez is what racing is all about. I look forward to an exciting season.
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Default Brant, Fraser, Hamil and Kaelin Martinique

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Default Bogir, Zakosh, Sanuyem and Silas Tonga

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Default Felipe, Zakosh, Frithjof and Jens Norway

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Default Lisk, Yorik, Ressel and Karlen Japan

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Default Varek, Pranck, Nasib and Pranck Timor-leste

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