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For fun read this in reverse chronological order. mscuddy if you get someone to bite let me know. I've got some 123 blocks, a sine bar and an angle plate that I made and no longer have a use for. Shipping will suck.
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Yes we have no dial indicators. I sent it off to a fellow MOron who used it for tuning up his 1973 DT3 250Enduro, months ago. I've got a flywheel puller for 1968-1973 Yamaha Enduros if you're interested...
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Can't you just look at the dash and see if there's a dial there? What do you need an indicator for?
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That's the trouble with old tools, they only fit one or two models but they're so cool you can't get rid of them. I think I still have the crate full of CZ tools that came with my dads '73 250 kicking around somewhere
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