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Originally Posted by Kevin_Duke View Post
Luddite! I can assure you that a ride on the S1000RR won't make you feel like you're mailing it in.

Longtime enthusiasts of most anything often decry progress. When things change, they no longer fit the paradigm of what we've grown comfortable living in. And when new technology is implemented, it often doesn't yet live up to its full potential. But whether you like it or not, technology will continue to advance and be implemented.

Although I consider myself somewhat of a purist and have been skeptical of any sort of rider aid, I recommend embracing technology.
- Fuel injection, now that it's been refined, is a boon for performance and convenience.
- Switchable engine mapping - when done right (sorry, Suzuki) - gives you a choice of responsiveness depending on riding conditions and your mood.
- And traction control - when given a choice of levels and the option to turn it off - is a security blanket that may not be necessary but can also be appreciated.
- Same for performance-oriented ABS systems like on this new Beemer and those on Honda's CBRs.

I don't mind the elimination of a choke lever, and I certainly enjoy 600cc engines with more horsepower than a GS1100.
I can recall when moto-mags (Cycle for one) started adding dyno-plots into all of their new bike articles. I remember seeing "the hole" in the curve on EVERY SINGLE BIKE, and the comments from test-riders about how badly they could feel the flatspot, or how easy it was to ride-around it.

Nowadays, you see the results of a dyno test, you'll note that almost every bike has a strong, smooth curve. All due to EFI, of course.

When EFI started showing-up (commonly) in bikes, I noticed a LOT of 'em had "enriching levers" - a choke, for lack of a better word. I thought to myself "why so primitive? why not do this all in firmware?"

Moto manufacturers have embraced Electronics Tech quite rapidly; the evolution has gone from a crappy mechanical-choke-bandaid to all the tricks this BMW is capable of in little-more than a decade. It's made engines with the slobbering-stupid-power of a GP-bike as tractable as a Honda Reflex - and that's even BEFORE you add all the Electro-Nannies.

What holds in our Future?
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Originally Posted by The_AirHawk View Post
What holds in our Future?
Direct injection. Its charge-cooling effect allows higher compression. Its use in cars is becoming common because it not only significantly boosts power, it also aids fuel economy and reduces emissions. Fantastic!
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