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Iam only that coordinated on a bike, gimmie some time.
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Originally Posted by MOKE1K View Post
Iam only that coordinated on a bike, gimmie some time.
I've been known to set cruise and reply to a TXT message, and speakerphone in my shirt poket, (in traffic). Even tried to see if I could get my bluetooth on under my helmet. It does fit if I remove the ear pad, but I know that isnt smart. Probably the dumbest thing Ive done was diggn in my sidecase to get my gloves.
White Trash Hick from Appalachia
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Default Maybe Longride was actually right...

Taken from an article in Yahoo! Sports interviewing Sam Hornish, former IRL driver:

“Well, if I was a really good college football player and I decided to quit after college, what would you think about me?” Hornish explained. “You would say, ‘Oh, the guy didn’t think he could make it over there.’ ”

So is the IRL college and NASCAR the pros? In a way, yes.

As Hornish explained it, there are IRL drivers who are just as talented as NASCAR’s best, “but instead of five guys who are that talented, you have 30 guys who are that talented [in NASCAR].”

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